Hancock's Fall & Winter Wildlife Seed Blend - Hancock's Fall & Winter Wildlife Seed Blend is designed for low cost winter food plots that provide a variety of high protein legumes. Planted at 50 lbs. an acre in most soil types germination will occur within three to five days. Fertilization is vital for a great food plot. We recommend 200 lbs. per acre of 16-04-08. 400 lbs of lime or dolomite should be applied every two or three years in the food plot. Remember to choose a location with moist soil conditions during the rainy season. Our winter food plot blend is plain and simple, "quality seed with quality results".

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fall__winter_mix_image.jpgOur Fall & Winter Mix contains:
30% Abruzzi Grain Rye
30% Austrian Winter Peas
20% Bob Oats
10% Crimson Clover
10% Dwarf Essex Rape
*Scarified & Pre-inoculated

Plant: Mid October-March at 50 lbs. per acre or 5 lbs. per 5,000 square feet.
Fertilize: 200 lbs of 16-04-08 per acre.
Lime: 400 - 800 lbs. per acre if needed.

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